Preparation & Testing

Because much of our honey is destined for use in medical applications we have very strict rules around all stages of our honey production. In association with industry professionals we have developed a stringent harvest protocol for medical grade Manuka honey.

It’s a fast paced season, but we do everything we can to tread lightly on the land as we harvest. Our Founder / MD Denis Watson believes strongly in the Maori Kaitiakitanga – guardianship of the earth and we want to protect the land that gives us our Manuka taonga (treasure).

Their trucks loaded with honey boxes, the next stop for our beekeepers is our state of the art factory in the beautiful Wairarapa.

It’s a meeting of the men in white as our slightly tired beekeepers deliver loads of honey boxes into the gloved hands of our food technicians. From this point our honey is behind closed doors (airlocked doors to be exact) to prevent any risk of contamination.

Codes are assigned so we can trace each batch back to the region it was harvested from. Then the sticky honey is extracted from frames and passed through our filtering system to remove any impurities.

Now the testing begins!  We send samples away for lab testing on MGO, DHA and HMF levels. 

Once the honey has passed through testing protocols it’s off to the packing department. Some honey is moved in bulk for use in our medical products some is destined for other pharmaceutical companies, and the rest is packed in our premium range of Watson & Son Manuka Honey products to be delivered all over the world.