Mount Bruce

Pukaha Mount Bruce is New Zealand’s national conservation centre. It is set in 940 hectares of reserve just north of Watson & Son headquarters in Masterton.

This reserve was once part of a huge forest filled with native trees and birds. When the Māori navigator Whatonga first saw this huge cloak of green native bush he was so impressed he decided to name it after himself! -  Te Tapere Nui o Whatonga – which means ‘the great domain of Whatonga.’

Unfortunately over the years large areas of the forest were cleared for farmland, and introduced predators devastated the native birdlife.

Today we are proud to partner with Puhaka as they work to restore the forest and bring back the legendary dawn chorus of native birds.



Partnering with Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre

Pukaha is leading the way for others to follow with their wildlife restoration program, literally bringing the forest and its wildlife back to life.  It’s home to the famous little white kiwi, Manukura, and many other birds and wildlife such as our living dinosaur the Tuatara.”

We are proud to play a part in helping to keep the Pukaha wildlife safe – now you can help too

Each jar of honey you buy carrying this special logo contributes towards saving kiwi at Pukaha. Already, around 50 kiwi are living and breeding on the reserve.

You can learn more about Pukaha Mount Bruce and the forest wildlife restoration project at