People, plants, air, birds, water, fish, animals and land all have a special life-force of their own, interwoven together like one huge flax mat. We believe Mānuka is one of nature’s gifts, it’s our responsibility to protect and nurture the land that provides this taonga (treasure).

Our Land

Our land provides a rich heritage in both flora and fauna, but much has been lost over time to aggressive farming. We actively encourage the regeneration of our Mānuka forests, buying land and planting Mānuka wherever possible.

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Our Wildlife

We are proud to support Puhaka, New Zealand’s national wildlife sanctuary, helping to protect endangered native birds like Manukura – the little white kiwi.

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Our People

Together with Sir Tamati Reedy and other Māori leaders, we are working to help build a bright future for local iwi.

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