The Bees & The Keepers

The amazing honeybee – arguably one of the most industrious, important creatures on the planet.

They play an essential role in our existence, pollinating the vast majority of edible plants and providing us with some of the most delicious and nutritious food in the world.

New Zealand is covered in many beautiful flowers, but it’s the Manuka blossom that we want our honeybees to visit.  In order to make sure they don’t get distracted by other flowering beauties we have to find large areas of mono-floral Manuka.


Our hives are placed in very isolated and dense areas of Manuka. To get access to these areas we have formed partnerships with dozens of landowners across the North Island. 

We currently operate thousands of hives on sites situated throughout the whole of the North Island of New Zealand. Each site is government registered and identified with a GPS locator.


Our busy bees require equally industrious caregivers. But with mountain ranges, dense bush, rugged costal expanses…getting to our hive sites can be a difficult and at times dangerous job.

Luckily we have an adventurous team of beekeepers up for the challenge. Year round they travel through wild remote terrain to monitor each colony. 

Beekeeping is a cyclical enterprise, a successful production season begins with strong, healthy colonies in the spring. This requires careful planning and attention throughout the late summer, autumn and winter.

In order to ensure the purity of our honey our beekeepers follow a strict hive management system. From the materials and foundations of the beehive to feeding and protection from pests and disease every detail is carefully monitored.